Dec 03

Havis Screen Blanking Solution Powered by Blank-it

havis-blank-it-flyerOur Solution Partner, Havis, is now offering Screen Blanking Solutions powered by blank-it to provide easy, safe and legally compliant ways to manage in-vehicle computer displays and prevent driver distraction.

Havis’ Screen Blanking Solutions provide easy, safe and legally compliant ways to manage in-vehicle computer displays and prevent driver distraction.

Blank-it is a combination of a multi-sensor, rugged USB and intelligent modular software technology. Once activated, the motion sensor technology recognizes a vehicle’s mobility and limits the display’s functionality, reducing visual, cognitive and physical distractions.

Sam Barall, National Sales Manager, Enterprise at Havis Inc, stated:

Distracted driving costs the nation thousands of lives and billions of dollars each year. Whether used on the road, in the field or in a warehouse, screen blanking can help to keep drivers safe and prevent vehicle damages while meeting regulations governing display equipment in work vehicles.

Blank-it’s password-protected administration interface allows companies to determine the level of screen functionality for a fleet of any size, with options including passenger-only viewing, privacy screen, keyboard/mouse disabler, GPS override and voice command, with additional features in development.

Easy to install, Blank-it can be embedded in a docking station or secured in a customized Havis Tamper Proof Cover without drilling or hardwiring. The technology operates without the need for antennas, power sources, GPS or third-party applications. Blank-It software is compatible with Windows XP (SP3), Vista, 7 and 10.

For more information on Havis’ Screen Blanking Solutions powered by Blank-it, visit:

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Jun 18

U.S. Mandates Reversing Cameras in Vehicles by 2018

blank-itThe National Highway Safety Transportation Agency (NHTSA) recently announced a new rule that will require vehicles built from May 1, 2018 onwards to have a reversing (also known as a “back-up”) camera. This rule will apply to all road-legal vehicles under 10,000 pounds (4.5 Tonnes).

The NHTSA cites an average of 210 fatalities and 15,000 injuries from “back-up” or reversing accidents every year, and notes that children under 5 years old account for 31 percent of the deaths.

According to the rule, all vehicles manufactured on or after May 1, 2018 will have to be equipped with a rear-view camera. It also included specifics on response time after the vehicle’s transmission is shifted into reverse (2 seconds) and “linger time” of how long the camera remains active after shifting from reverse (between 4 and 8 seconds).

Introducing View-it

View-it allows a reverse camera feed to be relayed direct to an in-vehicle computer display, thus avoiding the need for a separate display screen.

As soon as the vehicle is put in reverse the image from the reverse camera is instantly displayed on the computer screen. Once reverse is dis-engaged, the display reverts to its previous state freeing up the screen for normal use.

View-it is suitable for any vehicle fitted with a compatible camera and offers the following advantages:

  • Cost Avoidance – No need to buy an expensive reverse camera set-up. Use your existing in-vehicle computer for the reverse feed image.
  • Safety – Reduce the distraction by reducing the amount of mounted monitors in the vehicle.
  • Unobtrusive – Initializes a full-screen image containing the camera feed. When not reversing view-it is completely invisible to the user.
  • The view-it product includes software and smart cables ready for installation.

View-it is a stand-alone product that also integrates well with the blank-it distracted driving solution and we recommend that all fleet owners consider installation of blank-it & view-it as a vital part of their safety/OH&S obligations.

Find out more about view-it


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Apr 30

Introducing Blank-it 4.0

blog-distracted-driver-side-apr15-300We are excited to announce the up-coming release of blank-it  version 4.0 – a release which contains a host of new and enhanced features – see the highlights below:

Software Features v4.0

  • Windows XP (SP3), Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Easy USB install, needs one free USB port (retro-fit option)
  • GPS over-ride and fail-safe system
  • Access to reversing camera, navigation aids, dispatch and scheduling programs
  • Filters out motion not related to vehicle forward-movement (relevant for forklifts)
  • Online configuration, license manager & usage reporting
  • “Voice prompt” command option
  • “Privacy” screen (for use by law enforcement officers)
  • View-it (reverse camera feed to the computer)


Watch this space for further announcements of the release date.




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Apr 28

Blank-it Featured on Xplore Technologies Blog

xplore-logoXplore Technologies talk about the blank-it distracted driving solution on their “Rugged XPlore Blog”.

In the article, Bob Ashenbrenner discusses the various in-vehicle distractions that drivers are subjected to and the responsibilities that employers have to keep their workforce safe on the road.

As Bob says:

So what if I told you that devices could actually eliminate our distraction from devices? Seems ironic, sure. But the fact is that your field service workers spend a majority of their time on the road in your service vehicle. They have tablets or other devices mounted practically in front of their face and it’s human nature to want to look at what’s on that screen. You have a responsibility to keep them safe on your watch, so why not fight fire with better fire and install a “blank-it” type software coupled with motion-detecting vehicle docks on all your devices that absolutely shouldn’t be in use while driving? That protects them, you and everyone else on the road from the consequences of distracted driving.

Bob also refers to an earlier article from Motion Computing, a PDF version of which can be viewed here – Taking Aim Against Distracted Driving.

See the XPlore Blog article here


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Jan 27

Police in-vehicle Laptop use and Driver Distraction

Police use of in-vehicle laptops and the related driver distraction has been featured a number of times in this blog.

A recent item on the website puts this issue in the spotlight again, with increasing evidence of the number of distraction-related accidents where police use of an in-vehicle computer is involved.

It is interesting that the distracted driving issue is now making it into mainstream media such as the Today show. It really starts to bring the problem forward and centre where it should be.

Bryan Vila, a professor at Washington State University in Spokane, is one of the world’s leading experts on distracted police driving. He put Today’s reporter behind the wheel in the driving simulator he uses to monitor officers’ eye movement and reaction time.

Once use of an on-board computer was added to the simulation, the reporter ran off the road. Review showed that his eyes were off the road, looking at the computer screen, for almost four seconds. “That’s enough to cause a hell of an accident,” Vila said.

Some police departments across the country are trying to address the issue in fairly basic ways. In Fort Wayne, Indiana, police officers’ in-car computer won’t allow them to keep typing after going 10 to 15 miles per hour. And in Fort Worth, Texas, officers aren’t allowed to use their computers at all while driving, unless it’s an emergency.

More sophisticated solutions are required however, to allow Police Officers to perform their duties effectively without endangering the lives of other road users.


See original article here:

Also view two NBC videos on this subject:

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